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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Finding Solutions To Our Recycling Problems

Please take a look at the article linked below. Wastedive.com talks about recycling in rural communities throughout the U.S. Many are aware of the changes that we’re seeing in the recycling industry. Like it’s mentioned in the article, Americans are seeing more clearly the flaws in our recycling system and how they can be improved. We’d like to agree with Waste Dive that there’s at least one positive outcome to this. Public awareness. It’s time to rethink and revamp the system. We can do this.


Recycling Today: The New Reality

There’s no doubt about it, the recycling industry is going through a major change. China, who has been one of the world’s leading importer of foreign waste for decades now, has banned imports of certain materials and tightened standards for those that they do. These new restrictions have affected us greatly. Not only do these changes have a direct impact on our daily operations here at Ambit but also as a larger community and you may not have even realized it.

Take a look at the article linked below. It explains, in more depth, the situation we’re currently facing in regards to our waste and recycling.
To highlight some things-
– “.. California’s once-proud recycling reputation is in a tailspin.”
– “Recycling rates have fallen from 50 percent to 44 percent.”
– “.. fewer materials can be reclaimed – forcing us to re-think familiar conveniences. Certain plastics and papers are the biggest problem, especially if soiled by food or fluids.”
– “.. recycling is still good for the environment because it reduces the need to extract minerals, pump oil and cut down forests…”
– ” What’s changed is the economics. Recyclables are just commodities, with values that swing in response to global supply and demand.”

Recycling STILL matters, folks. There’s a solution to every problem as they say and as a whole we’re in the process of doing just that! We’ve taken a list from The Mercury News article and copied it below. These are definitely some of the ways you can help- things we can ALL work on.

How to be a better recycler:
Empty bottle and cans of all liquids.
Empty and clean food containers.
– Compost all food scraps.
– Refuse plastic packaging when possible.

Did you know…

Recycling STILL rules and we can help your business GO GREEN!

We currently service businesses throughout Los Angeles and provide pickups of their recyclable material at an affordable cost. This normally includes your everyday office mix of paper. These small steps DO make a difference. We might be headed to a more paperless world, but we’re not quite there yet. We know and we’ve seen offices go through a lot! Don’t toss your paper to the landfill, RECYCLE IT! It’s easy as a phone call and we can help you set up your office recycling program today!

We can help to organize recycling programs at schools too!

If you’re teaching the students about reducing their waste, perfect! One idea, start a collection day – We can pickup all your empty beverage containers and you can earn some cash back!

Items we can accept for pickup include:
– Office Paper
– Cardboard
– Plastic/ Glass/ Aluminum Beverage Containers
– Scrap Metal

Note: Minimum weights may need to be met for pickup services. Please call us anytime for more details.

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Let’s start with CalRecycle.
You’re probably wondering who is CalRecycle, what do they do, and why the heck should I know about them??
First off, CalRecycle is also known as The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. As it also states on their website, they
administer and provide oversight for all of California’s state-managed non-hazardous waste handling and recycling programs. They make sure that we’re doing our jobs correctly when it comes to buying back any CRV materials and that we’re doing it up to their standards.
You should probably know this information because as it occurs in many other industries, rules and regulations become built in place for several reasons and the same goes for the waste/ recycling world. Before you bring in your recyclables it’s best to run through the short checklist we’ve provided for you below. We want to help YOU get the most from your materials!

  1. Does your material show CRV (California Redemption Value) on it? Is it part of the states buy-back program? Labels should read:
    • Other acceptable labels include California Redemption Value, CA Redemption Value, or California Cash Refund
  2. Keep those labels on! We cannot pay CRV price on any beverage containers with no labels like water bottles for example.
  3. Keep your CRV materials separate from your NON-CRV materials! Any mixed materials found are subject to rejection and we can only pay a scrap value on the load.
  4. Make sure your containers are clean and free from any contaminants inside such as liquids, dirt, or other foreign substances.
  5. Collectors, please note that we comply with CalRecycles daily load limit of empty CRV beverage containers that are 100 pounds each for aluminum and plastic, and 1,000 pounds for glass.

Please see the list below from CalRecycle that shows accepted CRV materials. You can also call them directly at 1-800-RECYCLE (732-9253) should you have any questions or need any other information on the CRV program.

Get your money back today!

Below you’ll find a link to an article sharing information about an interesting report that came out recently. More than $700 million in redemption fees for CRV materials are not being collected. Consumers, this money is yours! Don’t miss out. You can collect your deposit today as well as a scrap value when you bring in your CRV materials. You’ll find our hours located below. See you soon! https://www.recyclingtoday.com/article/california-bottle-bill-recycling-consumer-watchdog-report/

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